My name is Lexy, but my nicknames include lex, sunshine, smiley, energizer bunny, sexy lexy, cookie monster, flex and America.

Where can you usually find me?

♡ Getting lost outside in nature

♡ Reading a book with some herbal tea

♡ Being flexy-lexy on the yoga mat

♡ Doing a 30 minute morning routine

♡ Volunteering abroad or wherever I'm living

♡ Juggling 4 projects at once, whilst cooking & FT a friend

♡ Hanging with friends and having deep chats and giggles

♡ Baking in the kitchen (aka licking the bowl with no shame)

♡ Dancing around my home whilst bumping some groovy tunes

♡ Listening to podcasts, doing an e-workbook, or attending a seminar

My Work Style:

I will show up with deep compassion and understanding to bring out the best in you, so you can enjoy life more.

I believe love is empowering, health is the ultimate wealth, vulnerability creates connection and gratitude is the attitude.

My Vision

Love, Love & More Love

Bring more love in to the world, because love cures everything.
I hope to prevent & cure mental illness, diminish violence, close the gap between rich and poor, create stronger communities and treat our planet better. 

As a whole I believe we can help lift each other up and bring more peace into this busy way of life and treat this epidemic of preventable di-eases.

We can make a difference together!


26 Year Old American Giver

I am an unconditionally loving young woman, who has been through all sorts of tough challenges, but eternally grateful for each of them. I believe the root of each of us is love. Therefore, I enjoy showing people how easy it is to make meaningful connections and the importance of loving ourselves. Each of us has our unique stories, each of us faces challenges and we all need more love!! 

I am from Seattle, Washington, but haven’t lived here in 6 years, as I have been a little wanderlust soul traveling the other side of the world. I have lived in Australia for 2 years soaking up the sunshine and delicious Aussie accents (must admit British are still my favorite though). I did my yoga training in Bali, which has been a dream of mine for quite some time! Also, I spent a semester of college in New Zealand studying sociology. I would have never even dreamed of the life I'm living today a few years ago.

Anything is truly possible. 


One dreary morning when I was 5, my dad and I woke up to go to the store. As we closed the front door we noticed a note on the outside of the door. I do not remember what it said, but I can still feel that pain in my heart of how it affected me. The note was written by my mother saying she had left us. My Dad and I cried for a week straight. My father recently told me that he had never seen a child so sad in his life.  At such a young age it was hard to process and I began forming tall walls around my heart. I was absolutely shattered and had to become an independent little girl. My father was now in construction and had to work his butt off to support us. As an only child I became lonely. There weren’t other kids in my neighborhood and I didn’t have any cousins on my dads side. I went to a private school so my class had a shocking total of 5 people in it.


So as you can imagine I was a very shy child, but had the biggest heart. I used to try and help old ladies cross the street and would make bracelets for everyone I knew. I later realized, as I continued these patterns into adulthood, I just wanted to be loved and nourished. Plus the fulfillment you get from making someone’s day cannot replace any other feeling. I am thankful my altruism stemmed from a young age!

Growing up with a father has provided me with thick skin, fearless attitude, adventurous spirit and little interest in materialism. On the other side, it made me lack touch with my emotions, struggled learning how to speak to people gently, was living in my masculine energy and didn't learn to love myself.

Throughout the past few years I have discovered my deepest rooted fear is abandonment, from my childhood traumas. I realized I kept creating the same story over and over again, because I continuously made that fear a reality. Which also created my biggest set back, guilt. I constantly made myself feel guilty. If I ate too much chocolate, didn't workout that day, for saying no to going on a date with a guy I didn't vibe with, not responding to a text within a day from a friend that needed me, for doing something fun and not inviting a certain friend, etc. Now I work on letting go of guilt and shame through forgiveness and self love.

Over my lifetime I have been through some experiences like depression, anxiety, fatal car accident, robbery, rape, loneliness, roofied, tough step parents, being a single child, bi-polar father, having no money, drinking heaps, eating fast food for every meal, bullied in school, people I love getting cancer, binge eating and lack of a close family. I am happy to say I am so grateful for each of these tough times. They have taught me what I needed and helped shaped who I am today. But that appreciation didn't just foster over night.

I have learned to be proud of my stories and circumstances I have been given. Without shame I love to share everything I have been through including the nasty and hurtful memories. I love when people reciprocate this beautiful communication and I can hear their authentic message. Once we are conscious of our stories, we start to notice the patterns that keep coming up in our lives. We observe how we self sabotage and our limiting beliefs. Then we can work on creating the lives we truly want for ourselves, without the chains of the past holding us back!

My dream is to bring more love into this world, because there can never been too much love to go around! I really want to bring back strong communities to foster deeper bounds. It is human nature to be connected with each other, yet somehow we have distanced ourselves more than ever. How ironic when we have amble transport and technology to create means of being in constant contact. I believe connections are what make life so fulfilling and meaningful. When it comes to the end of your life, what matters most is the people you love.


I had my first heart shattering death experience in Arizona when I was 22. I was a personal assistant for the gorgeous Dawn, who was more of an adopted mother to me, died in a plane crash with her husband and beloved puppy. Then at 23, I had two friends commit suicide a week apart from each other. At 24 my close friend from Melbourne overdosed. I have had a handful of other friends/ fam members attempt suicide.


So I use mortality to fuel my passion to help others and myself, ensuring we are all living our most meaningful and happiest lives possible. Teaching others how to make unconditional love a lifestyle and nurture thyself naturally, is a dream come true for me :)

©2018 Made with love by Lexy