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A 4 month mastermind helping you attract the love you've always dreamed of.

Calling all singles who desire a love that makes your heart relax. A love that softens you into new depths of safety. A love that invites your authenticity and playful self. A love that matches your energy. A love that keeps growing. A love with full trust and ease. A love dripping in romance and delicious pleasure. A love so aligned,
you can feel the divine. A love you can’t stop telling everyone about. A love that will never be forgotten.

This program is for those courageous enough to seek extraordinary love.




Finding the fun in dating again + no longer wasting your time on dates that you want to leave in first five minutes, because the conversation are so awkward + vibes are off. You'll learn to deeply fall in love with yourself + spoil yourself like your future lover will. Helping you find a partner that actually shares similar values + interests with you, like traveling the world together. To be freed from the energy of settling and liberate to expansive love. Luscious love will melt the layers of shame around your past and bring back into your innate worthiness. Finding a love where you can fully be yourself and feels like an exhale.​ All genders are welcomed to join this mastermind! 


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How to approach someone you think is cute, get confident on how to prepare for dates, what questions to ask, how to quickly filter out if someone is worth your time + how to navigate the next steps when you like someone.

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Learn where to find the people that will actually be good candidates to go on dates with. If you have dating apps, you'll get a customized dating profile makeover. And overall gain confidence on asking people out.

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The most impactful transformation I've ever had, has been with nervous system work. You'll learn how to self regulate, so you don't get triggered as often. You'll be able to feel all your emotions + not go into freeze states (the ones where you forget you have a mouth + body +you turn into a statue) or fight/ flight (where you go in overdrive + overreact + panic).Plus learn about attachment styles, so you start to understand your relational patterns and tendencies. 

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Know that everyone is human + we all make mistakes, including yourself. So you'll practice forgiving as a way to set you free from the past. Especially forgiving the shame you carry about any time you've hurt someone or what has happened to you. Also you'll expand your ability to give grace to yourself + others.

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Begin to feel more secure within yourself, so that rejection doesn't take you out of the game + you give up on dating. While also, practicing  getting comfortable letting people go that aren't it (aka rejecting others).

Learn the art of peaceful communication so you can address your needs, wants + conflicts with ease. You'll be able to set boundaries + actually stick to them. Plus, feel confident sharing whatever is on your mind (especially when you need an extra hour to just chill in your own energy).

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Be guided by your love compass (aka intuition), so that you can make decisions with ease + trust in what the next steps forward are. You'll have this very effective tool with you at all times while dating + feel confident in knowing what to do next, because your connection to your intution will be so strong.

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Get to know people on new levels, ask the questions you're scared to ask + show people parts of yourself that haven't been seen. Plus create a more sacred relationship with sex. Make love that feels euphoric + every cell of your body feels alive. Experiencing sex that is so slow + passionate and after you orgasm, you lay there tingling head to toe in pleasure. Then get sweet cuddles for hours. 


🤎 FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF. Develop a relationship with self that feels so yummy and nourishing, so you'll never let anyone else treat you poorly again. So that you're not dependent on a lover to be your everything + you know you've got yourself no matter what.

🤎  BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHOS AROUND. You do you boo + your partner will always match your weird. You'll be really comfy in your own skin. Your authenticity is gonna make you wildly magnetic. You can also take a deeper dive into this by joining my self paced online group called Embody The Magic of  You. 

🤎  GO ON ROMANTIC FUN DATES. The thoughtful kind of dates that are filled with intention and conversations that make you lose track of time. Find people that speak the same language as you + they understand you instantly. They ask you really good questions. Deep ones that make you feel seen + they are consistent with wanting to see you again. 

🤎 MORE PLEASURE + SAFE INTIMACY. Get clarity on what you like + what makes you feel most safe, so you can passionately make love. You're capacity to hold pleasure will widen AKA you gunna have BIG JUICY orgasms 🤫 Or maybe you'll stop having sex for a few months or years, until you find that person that's worthy enough to kiss upon your body. 

🤎  UNCONDITIONAL LOVING. The kind of love where you can change or shift shapes and they say ok how can I love you more as you grow into this new version of you. The kind of love where you can be messy, miserable + not make sense + they will patiently hold you through it all. 

🤎 FIND GROWTH MINDED RELATIONSHIPS. The people who are open to learning, trying new experiences, to change + love hearing your point of view, so they understand you better + can learn from your perspective. The kind of people who move through the challenges + not around them.

🤎 HAVE SOMATIC PRACTICES TO FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS. Feel so confident in your ability to feel it all with simple + effective tools.  

🤎 FEEL VALUED IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. This is that reciprocal love where they shower you in gratitude and give just like you give.

🤎 TWO WHOLE BEINGS CO-CREATING LIFE. Potentially call in a partner that is ready to do life alongside you, to create magic together (+ delicious love), where you both support each other's dreams + needs + your lives feel easier with each other in it. 


Love gets to be easy and full of joy. 

You don't need to be healed or perfect to be loved.

That you can never say the wrong thing to the right person. 

That love can form + unfold in mysterious ways, there is no "one" way to find love. 

That your body is your greatest guide + you can use your love compass (intuition) to take the confusion out of dating. 

The scary conversations can feel comforting when you do them with the right person + they meet you with pure love.

That your triggers are your treasures. 

And you are always whole + every part of you deserves acceptance. 

I believe there is no limit to your love. 

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press play to get you in a vibe while you read about luscious love 

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" Within 2 months of working with Lexy, I manifested the man of my dreams. I love him so much and he makes me the happiest I have ever been. I can't thank Lexy enough for helping me realize I deserve more."


"I’m in a relationship now and this time it’s been completely different from every other toxic situation I’ve been in. It’s healthy, which scares me a little here and there, because it’s so different, but it’s great. Lexy is amazing + creates such a safe space to explore yourself."



You walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror and do a double take like HOT DAMN who is that!!! Then give yourself a gentle massage with luxurious natural organic oils. After you have a sexy naked dance party in front of the mirror with Sabrina Claudio playing in the background. You boogie to the kitchen + make yourself a heart opening cacao + a delicious healthy breakfast + eat at the table with the flowers you bought yourself. Then you head to the massage you booked yourself + bring some dark chocolate to eat at the ocean after. This is how I treat myself on the regular. I have the MOST fun with myself and consistently spoiling the F out of myself. 


If you're not there yet, then you will be soon 😉 Although it can be tempting to have a partner come "save" you and make you feel complete and loved. This isn't sustainable + it puts too much pressure on them. It's truly life changing to provide yourself with this validation from within.

In Luscious Love you'll step into a romantic love vortex that will teach you how to treat yourself like royalty. You'll begin caring for yourself like you always dreamed someone would do for you.

Learning the art of self romanticising is a must if you want to be treated like the most precious gift, because if you spoil yourself, then you won't settle for less in partnership.

The secret to romantic supportive, authentic love is simple.  

but most people are afraid to think it gets to be this easy



Imagine the person you're dating says something that really offends you + you stay quiet, even though you're heated. Then they forget to do that favor you asked them for help with and you begin to get irritated at the thought of them or even when they breath around you  (especially when they make weird chewing noises). All of a sudden you resent them and start taking more distance, you close your heart + end the relationship. This solidifies the belief that no one wants to meet your needs + you're a burden + you're never gonna find your person. 

All of this could've been changed with one conversation.

Most people dating are not using the most important skill there is, communication! and i don't just mean checking in with "how are you babe?" . I'm talking about sharing your fears, desires, boundaries, emotions, problems, finances + everything and anything that comes up. 

As much as you may wish people could read your mind (even if you/they are intuitive af), they can't. So it's your responsibility to communicate everything. Teach people how to love you. Let them hold you when you're hurting. As well as telling them when you feel their energy is off, so you can help them find clarity within to see what's going on. It's the most beautiful + free tool to dissolve conflict and invite in limitless love.

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You know you are simply a lil product of your parents beliefs + capacities + the environments you grew up in. So no need to get upset at yourself if you haven't been the best communicator 🫶🏼

The best part about being in this mastermind is you won't be able to hide + you'll get to practice having different kinds of conversations, so they don't feel as scary.

This group will give you the tools and support, so you can call in the love of your life 🥹


You will get tons of tangible action steps, so you can immediately makes changes in your life. There will be weekly "soulwork" to get out of your comfort zone + start seeing growth instantly. Plus you'll get the support of an incredible group of open minded individuals from around the world + a safe space to learn + make mistakes!

This is a 4 month coaching cocoon with weekly group calls + bi-weekly 1:1 sessions. There will be guest speakers, community group accountability + chat, extra resources to support your journey + fun activities to expand your confidence

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Image by abdullah ali


MAY 14TH 2023



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Learn the art of peaceful communication so you can address needs, wants + conflicts with confidence.You'll get to practice setting boundaries + other  communication exercises on the live calls.

Build trust in yourself, so that you can remove anxiety + know that you will make good decisions in dating. Trust is the water that puts out all your fires of worry. And in dating, trust is the fundamental foundation of a healthy relationship.


Falling in love with yourself is essential if you want someone else to fall in love with you! Enjoy the comfort of being able to authentically express yourself + not needing to hold back who you are. Practicing building safety within, so you be comfortable expressing all of your emotions.

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Remove the armor around your heart, so you can be fearlessly vulnerabile, express all emotions, gain unconditional acceptance + practice surrendering.You'll learn how you never have to close your heart. Instead you'll embody the essence of love, which allows all that is to be present. 

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"I left a beautiful 6 year long relationship, two days before my proposal, in a pursuit to choose myself. I followed my intuition more than I ever had which led me to the most freeing place I've ever experienced in my life. It led me to burning man, where I continued the work from the program. It led me to living out of my van, on the road for four months. It led me to the most incredible relationships I've ever experienced and uncomprehendable dates. But what it truly led me to, the most important piece of all, is that it led me to full trust in myself, something I have never in my life experienced, but have always dreamt of. That great knowing that it all is working in my favor, that I know myself more than anyone else, and that I truly can have whatever I desire. Were my expectations met in this program? Ha, no. Because I went in to this thinking I was going to fix my sex problem (feeling like sex was a chore). I left this course almost a completely different person. Expectations were not met, they were hugely exceeded ;) Lexy gives you science and spiritually to deeply discover whatever you are seeking."   




Weekly group calls for one hour over the 4 months, hot seat coaching, Q&A sessions, breakout room activities to help you practice communication skills in real life + practice stepping out of your comfort zone in a safe space.


Alongside the group container, you will also get customized support with Lexy directly in the 1:1 coaching calls. These will expedite your growth + allow you to work through specific challenges you're facing. There's also an opportunity to upgrade to weekly 1:1 calls if you're craving deep transformation + accountability.


I believe the only way to really make change is taking new action! So I'm heavy on implementing really fun + impactful soul play. You will get assignments after each call, so you can start seeing changes in your life ASAP.



You'll become a part of a community group that is going to love + support you more than ever before. You will feel so safe to be your complete self + share whatever is on your mind. In between calls there will be a group chat for asking questions + celebrating your wins.


All members will be paired with a play buddy to touch base with each week, practice the tools and exercises, and get support for what’s coming up in between calls. This entire container will give you the accountability to do the things you know you need to do, but aren’t holding yourself responsible for.   


Each member will get a dating profile makeover (for those that use them) to help weed out the kinds of dates that make you wanna leave within the first few minutes. While also helping your energy really shine across your profile. Then everyone will get customized questions that will help you evaluate if someone is worth giving your energy too. You'll feel confident going on dates knowing what to say!


Learn from a plethora of insightful + impressive coaches from around the world. I believe it's so important to learn from different perspectives + in community we learn the most by listening + supporting each other. So I always incorporate really yummy speakers to help you expand even more!


Everyone who..

✨ Does the weekly surveys

✨ Shows up to every call (you'll get up to 2  "sick" days 😉)

✨ Shares three times a month publicly (biggest takeaway, a screenshot, your soulplay or what you’ve learned) + tagging me (@alivetoenjoy)

💖 Will receive a Bonus Virtual Retreat this summer & a $444 off credit to use towards future programs! 

💖💖 PLUS one of the people that complete all of this will win 6 month 1:1 coaching with me ($9,333 Value)


Mmm the fun stuff 😉


The 4 month container includes weekly group calls + monthly 1:1 coaching calls and community group chat.

I fully believe in payment plans and making it more accessible. If you need a different payment plan, please don't hesitate to ask, there is no shame in my world. Money is such a beautiful resource to exchange in an empowered way. When you consciously choose who/ what you invest in, this can make massive impacts on the world! Plus, when you invest in yourself, the return of investment just keeps growing. 


After speaking to many of you, I decided to give you a luscious offer, because I really believe we all deserve to find a love like this. So you can now secure your spot for 60% off 😱 This pricing will never happen again btw!





Receive 10% off for this option 

For a 6 month payment plan



For a 6 month payment plan





I was single for most of my life - I've only had 2 boyfriends + my first one was when I was 25 (an extremely codependent + emotionally abuse dynamic) + then 4 years later I'm in my second partnership (that is so healthy + fulfilling). Before + in between those loves, I was pretty much celibate, I rarely had sex with men (execpt a few wild times in college) + I also was quite insecure around intimacy in general. In high school I was the prude girl + felt an immense amount of shame for not having sex or having a boyfriend. I always felt like something was wrong with me + I would never be loved. I subconsciously was the one pushing everyone away, because my mom left when I was 5 + that made me fear intimacy (that if I got close to someone they would leave me). 

Then I started to gain some confidence by the end of college + became super strict about who I let close to my body temple. This felt really good to not have mindless sex + a ton of people running through me. Also, it taught me so much about how to be alone + the gift of my own presence. However, I realized, I was too good at boundaries that I wouldn't let anyone in. I thought my heart was open, but actually there were still walls up. So I began turning towards my fears, sitting with my emotions, regulating my nervous system + putting myself out in there in new ways.


Slowly I started to attract the kind of men I always knew was possible, but couldn't figure out how to find before. I finally realized my high standards weren't wrong + too much to ask for, that I really didn't have to settle!!


Currently I am in the most divine, sweet, tender + ever giving relationship. My partner and I have a very supportive + reciprocal partnership that relaxes my body and mind. I am overflowing with gratitude that we found each other + get to travel the world together. 

So I created Luscious Love to help you find that love you've always known was possible. I created this container so you have a super safe space to explore all aspects of yourself + dating + not feel any shame while doing it. Growing up as an only child + with a single dad, I was always so confused and had so many questions, but no one to ask them too. Therefore, in my spaces there is no TMI (too much information) + complete freedom to ask whatever is on your mind + to explore new things.

I wanted to let you in behind the scenes of creating an epic love + that's why Luscious Love was birthed. So you can have ALL the practices + tools I've used to create a love like this in my life + my past clients. 


This is a space of inclusivity + for all genders.


You'll be able to see how many people struggle with the same challenges as you + receive the support of a loving community, as you get out into the wild dating world!


I really hope to see you inside the group 💚


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