How To Be Authentically YOU & Release Shame!

Hi, you're really freaking cute & I'm so glad you're here!!!

Sooooo why are we so afraid to be seen for who we are? For our truest versions of ourselves. The completely imperfect, weird, goofy, klutzy, gas-ey, sassy, shirt full of toothpaste stains and all the other beautiful authentic parts of ourselves.

I have a huge secret for you!!!

It’s going to blow your mind 🤯😶‍🌫️

Everyone carries shame and unwanted parts of themselves, I know you're shocked!!! You thought your shameful parts were only yours. I think it’s funny how we create these massive stories and hold ourselves back from so much, because of the fear of being seen for all the normal humanness things that we all experience. Like who taught us this?


So if we all experience shame, then why are we nervous?!? It’s truly fascinating to me.

We’re so scared of being different, but why? (You'll see I love asking why to everything)! Just because we’re different, doesn’t mean we can’t love each other! Just because we may be different, doesn’t mean one is better than the other! Just because we may be different, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and laugh together! Do you pick up what I’m putting down mon amies (friends in French)!

I realized I feared the perception of how others see me. The more me I am, the less control I have of their perception of me 😱

If I stayed shape shifting myself to everyone around me, claiming I liked the same things (when I didn't), buying something that they would buy (even if I hated it), filtering my words/ silly voices/ weird accents in fear of them rejecting me, wearing bras to please society and so on... then I stay in "control" by being just like them. If I am like them, then I know they will like me. This feels safe for me. So I thought...