Bom Dia Portugal

Felicidade (Happiness)!

Sums up this country pretty nice.

A culture filled with slow/ relaxed, patient people that enjoy each day. Really friendly when you ask for help and if they see you struggling, they'll offer help even if they don't speak english. Very timid people, whom are non violent which was a nice change of pace from America.

When I asked a local that I spent a few days with what he thought of their culture he said, "We have low self esteem as a country, because we separated ourselves from Spain. Also, we are a country of sailors, but afraid of the water. Lastly, we perform best when under stress, we aren't lazy, but we take it easy then realize oh shit we need to get going and then we really get things done." I found these very interesting and made sense as to why I felt they were non violent people, as they have low self esteem due to their historical mistakes. They still love Fado which is their nostalgia of the past, I highly recommend going to see a Fado live. I personally enjoyed their relax energy!

So I flew to Portugal by myself and met my dearest friend Bo, from the Netherlands for the second half of the trip. It was a fairly easy place to travel, even without speaking Portuguese. I always learn the basics when I arrive to a country to show my respect. Always ask "Fala English?" as it's rude to assume they speak english, as you are in their country. I made this mistake at first, so hopefully you can learn from me!

Hello: Ola

Thank you: Obrigado

How are you: Como voce esta

Good: Bom

Train: Trem

Food: Combida