I Am Too Broke for A Coach, But I Want One

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Well darling, I can definitely relate as money has been a hard obstacle for me to overcome.

I haven’t come from money and I was taken off my dads credit card at 16. So as a teenager and young adult I was forced to budget and manage my money efficiently (obviously after trial and error of spending money on the wrong things).

Growing up within a middle lower class fam meant I was never able to contribute to relationships in a monetary way. For instance, when going to the movies I wasn’t able to buy everyone in the group candy or going to the bars I couldn't buy rounds for everyone.

So I had to learn how to add value to relationships in other ways. I learned that when I invested the little money I had into activities, food, and experiences that bettered myself, I could provide incredible support and copious love into my relationships. I began to become unstuck in my mind. For example, when speaking to people I stopped planning my next conversation starter in my head or dying to tell my side of the story without listening to anything they are saying. I began to stop worrying about my physical appearance (like how skinny I was or dreading my acne). Then I stopped listening to that negative nancy in my head and began to realize how life is such a blessing. Finally, I began nourishing my body with love, healthy foods, movement and natural products. This in turn allowed me to be the best me and I could support others so much deeper and love unconditionally.

So by placing my health, mind and spirituality in my top 3 passions, I was able to learn to love myself and therefore create really deep and meaningful connections with all the people in my life.

In order to help you, we have to get clear on your values and passions.

Passions: Mind, work, health, spiritual, friends, family, money

On a piece of paper write all these out, then rank them from 1 (being most important) to 7. Don’t think too much about it.

Ok so now let’s look at your top 3 on your list. Those are the ones you want to save your money for and create goals around!


♡ Go to the library and get reading love! It’s 100% free and you can learn anything you want there! How lucky are we that we are able to check out books for free! Blessed!

♡ Journal - this has been so helpful in my healing journey and you’ll be surprised what comes out on paper once you start writing. It all flows out and you can be completely vulnerable.

♡ Phone in a friend - someone who you trust and isn’t going to make you feel bad, but will listen without judgment and love you unconditionally

♡ Start a piggy bank or high yield savings account and put a certain percentage of every check you get (ex. 10%)

♡ Are you afraid of being held accountable? This shows you are resistant to change and fear yourself, but don’t fret that is why I’m here. Accountability is so awesome and wish I had someone to help me through the tough times.

♡ But most importantly it’s about changing your money mindset. What does that mean? Well, it pretty much comes down to doing things that make you feel really good and not limiting your ability to grow based on a number on a screen. When you begin to realize that money is all around you, seriously heaps of money floating around this world, then you just need to lean into that fear and trust it will come your way once you’re aligned and in your power

♡ Finally, which I feel is the most important, is believing you are worth it. I am a big fan of saying Treat Yo Self!!! And I don’t mean going on a big shopping spree or a binge weekend at the bar. I mean investing in bettering yourself!

♡ You could also try to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!

I hope this gives you some clarity on how to be wiser with your money and spend it on your passions, so that you can live a longer healthier life with purpose and an abundance of love!

With a smile,


I have searched many rainbows, like this double beauty in Iceland, but trust me the wealth is in your health


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