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sydney r

Lexy is just so kind and sweet and is very patient. Her energy is contagious and you can feel her sweet kind soul through the phone! She helped me realize my dreams are within reach and now it’s a reality for me. If you want to grow, get  clarity on what you want and willing to be uncomfortable and being pushed out of your comfort zone in a loving and safe way then I recommend her.

(Coaching Client)


I would 1000% recommend Lexy, it is one of the best investments in myself that I have made. Even if you ware unsure, just try the 30 minute session with her and you will see what a genuine person that she is. Take the leap and make the investment in yourself and you will be so happy that you did.


Ben B

This workshop was life changing in so many wonderful ways. Meeting new people from all over the world. Everyone is very mindful and knowledgeable (woke af!). It is a very safe space to where people could be open and share their stories & vulnerabilities. You will learn so much about yourself and others, and maybe even pick up a new skill! We are in this together couldnt have happened at a more perfect time in my life. Super grateful for my friendship with Lexy and appreciate her offerings to the fullest.

Jenny B

Lexy is one of the greatest humans I know/ have known in many lives. She is such a divine goddess who brings so many amazing like minded people together. Being involved in anything she puts together is literally life changing. Such a ball of positivity energy. Love you lex! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

(Attended Online Event)

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Michelle m

The In this Together community as beautifully led by Lexy and all of the generous guest speakers that were a part of sharing their knowledge and passion with all of us. If anyone iis looking to join a fun, meaningful community that will push you to grow out of your old ways and into your highest self, look no further. :-)

(Attended Online Event)

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Carissa C

I didn't think I needed this, but it showed me things about myself that I knew was there but now must work on. Hearing others experiences made me feel less alone, and being able to speak honestly and openly about triggering, uncomfortable things took its power away for me.

(Attended Online Event)

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Craig B

Chef in Scottland

After coaching with Lexy I am more loving toward myself, so my expectations were exceeded, I didnt think this was possible. I can deal with emotions & have better confidence now too. My mindset changed dramatically. The way I look at the world has changed for the better. I no longer try to avoid my emotions.


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MElissa r


After coaching with Lexy I have had a complete and noticeable glow up inside and out. The process was completely life changing. She is a true healer and angel all in one. I am now more mindful, grateful, spiritually connected and confident. Lexy could listen to me, hear me out and hold space for me when I couldn’t do it for myself. She was always so kind and patient with me. I highly recommend working with her!!!!


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I have gained so much confidence and self worth working with Lexy. I've discovered so much about myself and my body and even learned how experiences in my childhood have been affecting me today. If you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable, listen to you with a complete safe space with zero judgment, knowledgeable as hell, and the perfect mentor, then Lexy is your woman. For ladies, if you're seeking a badass woman who will show you how to be a boss bitch.

Jackson P

This challenge was so eye opening! Lexy is always very creative with her prompts and meditations and the way that she is able to bring people together is like no other! When she brings a community together and gives us a direction to go in- Great Things Happen! 11/10 would recommend!

(Attended Online Event)

Ceri b

I did Lexy’s online ‘sexy hip hop flow’, and it was INCREDIBLE! I cannot recommend this enough. I was super nervous to get into it, and step outside my comfort zone. But lex made everyone feel so comfortable and empowered at the same time.

She got me doing moves I’ve never tried before, but will definitely be busting them out as much as I can from now on

It was freaking fantastic and I cannot wait to get to more of her classes soon. Thank you lex!!

Julie S

Meditation + Yoga Instructor

Lexy's 12 Day's of Giving Back to Yourself is an amazing program that helps you dig deep, connect with yourself as well as others, and challenges you to create more joy in your life. Lexy has an innate ability to help you create goals in your life that bring happiness and peace. Her compassion, coupled with her loving energy create a safe, comfortable space to work on your challenges and tap into your vulnerability to help you heal. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling and needs support, who is looking for their life's purpose, or who just wants to be in the presence of her beautiful, loving energy.


"I reached out to Lexy to help rediscover me; I was feeling lost, like my life was missing purpose, and I wanted to uncover what was lacking. I had some issues from my past that I wanted to work through such as my history with men and my relationship with sex, my relationship with my family, and who I wanted to be / what type of role model I wanted to be for the people around me. Before starting with Lexy, I was concerned that she was going to judge me and ultimately that my relationship with people close to me was going to change and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. Lexy squashed all of those concerns right away when we started, she is the most caring person and is your biggest cheerleader. She listens to every word that you say so intently and truly wants to help you grow. She is honest with you and tells it like it is when you need to hear it and lets you make decisions for yourself. She never makes you do something that you don't want to but will encourage you to at least try.

Since working with Lexy, the way that I process emotions has changed. I used to bottle things up or try to silence my emotions and now I feel them fully. I have found my voice, and will tell people why I am feeling a certain way instead of playing every scenario in my head. I have faced my past and am ready for my future." 

HALLIE  / Business Operations Manager

“I have tried to figure out the best way possible to put into words how much Lexy has helped me in so many different ways but nothing seems to justify it. Lexy made a commitment to help me get my life back on track and to help me find my true and authentic most loving version of myself. We dove deep to do the inner work during our sessions together and even when it was hard for me, she never gave up or got frustrated with me, she showed so much love and compassion for my journey and aside from the that also spent countless days talking outside of our coaching sessions. (If that’s not dedication i don’t know what is) she took the time to find what methods worked best for me personally wether it was meditation, yoga, dancing, crying, or just simply talking. It felt like one of the most uncomfortable and award things I ever had done when I started but Lexy made me feel so welcomed and made sure I felt that working with her was a complete judgment free space. I now have finished coaching with Lexy and I can truly say form the bottom of my heart, I have no idea where I would be without such an amazing soul. I have never been happier with myself  and who I have become. I still continue to communicate and have sessions with Lexy as it helps me move more and more towards my goals and helps me stay on the right path. Finding someone who is truly as dedicated to your own self as you are and genuinely cares is hard, but I definitely found the best of the best and couldn’t be more blessed! My life is forever changed"


“I can’t even begin to explain the beauty of this community. I’ve come across it at a time in my life where my trust in people had been a little shaken, I was growing tired of the same old superficial conversations and activities with friends, and lacking true deep connections while asking myself -“is this really it? there must be more...” And there was. I met Lexy and she introduced me to quite literally a whole new world. A world in which humans actually SEE each other, hear each other, dig deep into all the dark and bright corners of the soul. It’s a community in which we not only get vulnerable and share childhood traumas and fears, hold space for one another, care for each other but also meditate, laugh, have fun and twerkkkkk ;D It’s the full spectrum of goodness that one could ever ask for and need. If you want to feel unconditionally loved and welcomed, heal your soul and gain some amazing friends on the way  - there. is. no. better. place. to. BE. than here. Period. ;)"


“I suffer from pretty extreme anxiety and trauma, and with all that came from the pandemic, depression. Having Lexy to guide me through yoga, yoga Nidra, and meditation has probably been the most helpful practices for all that i’m going through. No matter how stressed I am that day, her voice calms and grounds me. She’s been helping me come back to myself and my body. I’m so thankful for her, seriously though. Sometimes i also need to be reminded and she always checks in. If you’re thinking of working with Lexy, just do it - it’s so worth your time! I never tried meditating before working with her and I can happily say it's changed my life.  "

MARIA / US Benefits Administrator 

“ This community is worth every penny! It will allow you learn more about yourself, how to truly love you and understand everything which may be happening for you right now. This community makes you feel so loved and special, it has allowed me to get through this hard time of staying at home. It truly is life changing when you show up every time, share your truth and listen to others. You will learn how none of us are alone in this world and truly know all in this community have your back no matter what! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! "


"Never having had a meditation session, I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect. It’s been an incredibly tough year to deal with loss and disappoint so anxiety was at an all time high for me. I needed to be able to find healthy ways to cope. Lexy really challenged me to try deep meditation with her and I am so glad I took that opportunity up. Everything from her voice, to instruction not only relaxed me but proved to me that she is an expert in the art of meditation and realization. Lexy went about my session with such relaxation and poise to take me to a place of calm I honestly haven’t felt for months. I am so grateful to have had the time I did with her. I will for sure be going back"


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