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Harmonizing your health in a gentle way

My Health Journey

"Nature itself is the best physician" -- Hippocrates

Through the discovery of integrative health, I have been able to heal myself from an array of health problems (including mental) with no side effects. 

Natural medicine isn't woo woo potions. It is simply genius. 

Our bodies are innate systems that heal itself, which is a concept we've known for decades (proven in history). Shown as commonly as a cuts healing on their own, and as mind blowing as, people curing cancers without chemo.


Holistic health looks at all the factors that contribute to your make up! So this includes mind, body, spirit. What does that mean? Well we take a look at your childhood experiences, the environments you've lived in, your physical activity, emotions that come up, small symptoms that your body has been giving you (like bloating, rashes, pain in your neck, etc.) and with the help of all these factors, we can figure out the root causes of your health concerns. Also, we can prevent heaps of health concerns by being more conscious of our entire health and wellbeing. 


I never "believed" in the power of integrative medicine, until I put that fear away of trying something different. I stepped outside the normal quick fix, super harmful and money hungry industry of western medicine and took the route to indulge in a world that changed my life. I realized it's not a matter of belief, but a way of life!


As a child I struggled with all sorts of skin problems, heaps of rashes, hives, eczema, warts  then in my late teens I got acne which I am finally learning how to heal. I've had digestion issues (pooping, bloating, gassy), poor sleep, numerous infections (staph, BV, strep, and yeast), sports induced asthma, heartburn, allergies (hay fever, seasonal, sensitive skin, and foods) and hormonal issues (this isn't just female specific I am all the hormones like cortisol and leptin) . So I have experienced a wide range of health problems, even in my later years of changing to a healthier lifestyle, but still experienced problems. As a child I was given heaps of antibiotics to cure all of these issues or harsh medications with loads of side effects and I often experienced these side effects. Thankfully at university the alternative medicine doors were opened to me and my true healing journey began. More recently I have been discovering how to heal my reoccurring health problems through emotional blockages. 

We can aid the bodies natural healing process through nutrition, relaxation, sleep, essential oils, movement, detoxes and supplements. 


My first discovery was essential oils. These magically powerful small bottles have helped me with almost all my health concerns and moods! I never leave the house without them, especially whilst traveling.



Guess what? 

Essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years. Yes that's right, 5,000. The Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks were the first records of civilizations using these powerful oils. 

Essential oils are extracts from all sorts of natural sources like flowers, bark, roots, leaves and stems. Meaning they are potent, pure and safe. So cool, right?

Ayurveda began in India 5,000 years ago. Chinese medicine has been around for over 2,500 years seen in Taoism. Then practices that use your energy (which means not putting anything into your body) and I find so healing are reiki, chiropractic, and kinesiology which have been around for over 100 years. 

So the natural (or alternative) medicine route isn't some new trend, but thankfully people are finally coming back to the power of mother nature.

Get your health back in a gentle, harmless way that will last a lifetime to improve your quality of life! I am not saying have no fun (alcohol, sugar, workout 7x a week), I am promoting balance, consciousness of what were putting in and onto our bodies and taking care of our minds! In turn you will watch your auto immune diseases disappear, your infections heal quickly, allergies evaporate and the inflammation subside.

Practicing harmonizing your life with a smile :) 


Your skin is your largest organ, so you should be treating it with the most care and quality. The essential oil industry is unregulated, therefore many oils on the market pose as pure or 100% organic, but are actually mixed with solvents and fillers, leaving only about 3% of the product to be essential oils. I only use high quality oils from companies (including Doterra and Young Living).

I have curated some special essential oils blends, sprays and body scrubs to help elevate your self care regime. Also to provide you some tools to help you stay present and grounded at all times! Because being prepared when challenges or emotions arise is one of the changes that made my life more positive!

I always have oils on me, they are seriously the biggest blessing and so versatile. They aid in healing so many different physical and emotional wounds, very grateful to have discovered them a few years ago. If you're interested come check out my etsy shop 

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, in diet and in cause and prevention of  disease"

Thomas Edison


I promise it's possible

We can rebalance our bodies.

I will help you find the root causes to your health problems. There is an answer to whatever you suffer from. We all have the ability to become imbalanced, which creates a list of symptoms. We go to the doctor and get labeled with a scary title, which could involve the words disease, cancer or disorder. After we get labeled, we bill the health insurance company and get a pharmaceutical intervention, which simply mask the symptoms. 

I am currently an integrative health practitioner student. This means I will soon be able to help show you that your symptoms are caused from a deeper source in your  body. I'll help you discover how to use your bodies ability to heal itself, once we uncover the real problems of your symptoms.

There is a vast array of medical practices, they all work, but they don't all work for everyone, nor do they work all the time. So I want to show you how we can use all the different sources of healing to cure you, because there is not one size fits all approach. Your incredibly unique self needs individualized treatment!

    at my favorite natural, high quality supplement products and detox program by the legend Stephen Cabral. 

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