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Lessons From 730 Days Down Under

Oi!! If you have checked out the scooby doo shaped country, I recommend signing up for this flight website and scoring yourself some major deals. Who said flying had to be expensive? It's about knowing your resources and living in an abundance mindset!

Two years flew by, but holy moly did I grow about 10 years wiser! Here's a list of a few valuable lessons I learned and/ or came up again:

  • Trust the universe

  • Be vulnerable

  • Everything happens for a reason

  • Keep pushing, even when everything keeps going wrong

  • Look for the lesson

  • Don't stress - no worries mate as they like to say

  • Talk to strangers

  • Google is your best friend

  • Ask and you shall receive

  • You're not alone

  • Natural medicine is magic

  • Gratitude leads to the best life

  • Don't leave it up to others to make you happy or feel loved

  • Harmony is key between work and play

  • Community creates comfort, joy and strength

  • Be you and own it and it won't matter how you look or what you're wearing people will love you

  • Everyone has their own stories - never judge

  • Research and experiment

  • There's always a way

If any of these are experiences you want to embody or learn about, please email me set up a free phone call with me! It would be a honor to show you how to find these within!


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