Glowing Pains - The Unspoken Truth About Growth

crescent moon glowing pains and what happens on the journey of growth and the hardships of evolving

We have all been there, when we're fed up with where we're at in our lives and decide to make a change. Then all of a sudden we take a step in the right direction and we feel completely lost!! I have some good news, you aren't lost, you might just be going through glowing pains!

I always waited for the day I'd get growing pains as a kid...they never came #iwishiwasalittlebittaller #iwishiwasaballer, but instead I carry shame and a habit of blame that perpetually makes my energy a little bit smaller. Well, that was the old version of myself. Isn't it funny that I wanted pain...I guess I have always liked experiencing life first hand.

So I kinda got my growing pains in a spiritual way. I feel like I've been through so many evolutions and challenges in my short 27 years of this lifetime. I like to refer to them as glow ups, because each time I am glowing brighter and brighter.

The glow up sounds like this jolly good time. Like ooo yeah you're watching an enticing commercial where they show a woman that has an unattainable level of beauty, barely clothed, eating a decadent meal, and laughing uncontrollably. She is sitting on the edge of an infinity pool in Bora Bora with her sexy hubby. & We perceive her to have no problems, because all we're seeing is her "perfection". Wellllllllll that may be part/ the aftermath of a glow up. However, I feel like the part that isn't discussed enough is the glowing pains.

What are glowing pains?!

The space between who you are and who you are becoming.

Taking that first step, after deciding to make a big change in your life.

The vast ocean of water you must cross before reaching the magical island.